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Windmill and Turbines

Harnessing the Wind

This scene, with it’s old windmill and new wind turbines set against the Oklahoma landscape, spoke to me of humanity’s quest to harness the wind. -read more
Dramatic Sky and Grape Vines

Can I have your RAW files?

My RAW files are like raw pastry dough. You wouldn’t ask a pastry chef to give you a bag of dough. You would wait for the finished pastry. A RAW image has so much potential that it requires a practiced hand to be rendered in it’s final form. -read more
Wild Ponies Sleeping

The Magic of Available Darkness

It’s interesting just how exciting any subject can be for me when I’m on assignment. I hadn’t thought about photographing wild ponies in available darkness before, but this night the hunt for unseen photos was flooding me with adrenaline. -read more

Oklahoma Wind Farm

I’ve seen wind farms before. But the size of this one was mind boggling. The turbines seemed to go on forever. Mile after mile, on either side of the road, these hulking titans stretched along the fields and ridges. -read more

Tennessee Tree

I shot this image on the evening of the 16th, in eastern Tennessee, about where I81 and I40 meet. -read more
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