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Oklahoma Wind Farm


I had a pleasant surprise while driving across the big ‘ole US of A. I was awestruck by the size of a wind farm in western Oklahoma.  It took two hours to travel a few miles as I stopped time and again to shoot these images. I believe this is the Weatherford farm, which has a generating capacity of 147 megawatts. Or 98, 1.5 MW turbines. Putting that into perspective: one megawatt can power 280 average US households. So 147 megawatts can generate enough power in a year for 41,160  homes.

I’ve seen wind farms before. But the size of this one was mind boggling. The turbines seemed to go on forever. Mile after mile, on either side of the road, these hulking  titans stretched along the fields and ridges.

For several years, I’ve been planning to shoot a series of images on alternative energy projects. I’ve been following their developments since the late ’90’s. And it’s my belief that we currently have the technology to be free of fossil fuels within a generation. This brief encounter was the kick start I needed to get into gear.

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