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Tennessee Tree


You would think an eight-day drive from Baltimore to Los Angeles along interstate 40 would be just what a photographer would dream of doing. Well, it is. Unless said photographer also has a schedule to keep.

I left Baltimore on February 16th and due to obligations in Los Angeles, I had to arrive by February 23rd. Including the “Golden Hours”, February provides about 11 hours of daylight. I decided to drive between 6-9 hours a day and to sleep in my car most nights. The sleeping in the car business was uncomfortable. I developed kinks in my neck and knees and slept sporadically. So most mornings I shifted positions until 8 AM trying to make up for the lack of sleep. This obliterated the idea of shooting at dawn. About two hours of prime photo time

As opposed to planned photo excursions, I had to be happy with stopping a few times a day to shoot what caught my eye along the road. This wasn’t so bad. Except for seeing unbelievable scenes that I couldn’t stop for because traffic was too heavy.

One of the amazing experiences of this drive was seeing the southern United States. I took audio notes along the way, dictating to my phone scenes that I would like to return to in the future. Thankfully, many of those are within three days or so of L.A.

I shot this image on the evening of the 16th, in eastern Tennessee, about where I81 and I40 meet. I had made most of my miles for the day, and after passing up too many lovely scenes, I couldn’t help but stop for this one.