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Miss Courtney’s Tearooms

Gluten-free muffinTurns out, Ireland has one of the highest rates of celiac disease in Europe. Guess it sucks to be Irish. Not! As someone with a gluten intolerance, I was thrilled to find a plethora of Gluten Free food on the island.

Everywhere our crew visited, from pubs and restaurants to castles, had food I could eat. Not only that, the wait staffs were always knowledgeable about Gluten Free foods.

Wrapping up our visit to Killarney, we stopped by Miss Courtney’s Tearooms to interview the owner, Sandra Dunlea. Little did we know she would treat us to baked goods and delicious Earl Grey tea. Let me just say, her Gluten Free goodies are second to none! By far the best scones and muffins I’ve eaten in years.


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