Windmill and Turbines

Harnessing the Wind

This scene, with it’s old windmill and new wind turbines set against the Oklahoma landscape, spoke to me of humanity’s quest to harness the wind. -read more

Tennessee Tree

I shot this image on the evening of the 16th, in eastern Tennessee, about where I81 and I40 meet. -read more
Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains

I was headed home from a week in Mendoza, Argentina where I had finished shooting a story on the region’s wine. After the crew closed the doors, I was delighted that the plane was still half empty. I asked if I could exchange my seat for a window. I wanted a view of the Andes mountains. -read more
Table and chairs

Table and Chairs

It was one of those overcast days when the clouds were so thick and low you could nearly touch them. A light rain sprinkled the glass as the sunlight fought to penetrate the shadows of the darkened room. Deep green tiled floors, aged wooden tables and '70's era schoolroom chairs occupied the otherwise empty room. -read more