Amish buggy at sunsetSailboat at sunsetNew Hope Train StationDame Street at duskCatamaran captain Weighing anchorTraffic near the Spire of DublinMemphis trolleysWaiting in customsWake and PowerboatRoad winding through LancasterYew tree and carriageAmish buggy at sunsetSailing near St. John at sunsetAmish buggy in townWake on boat hullWaving hello from a dinghyNapping by the AndesBoats on blue waterHorse and carriage at Dromoland CastleMemphis trolleysOld pickup truck on Paseo SarmientoWaiting for a busCatamaran captainOn the tarmac in Charlotteboard boats on the sandGuinness Store HouseAir passenger uses tabletMotorboat and DinghyMemphis trolleysJets on the tarmacSailboats in the BightRV on Assateague IslandBicycles at the Temple BarBicycle, grape vines and olive trees